The Pheasant at Keyston.

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The Pheasant at Keyston. Empty The Pheasant at Keyston.

Post  Webmaster on 23/06/10, 02:03 pm

Too blustery a day to venture up North to the original destination so a
pleasant hop in G DRBG (Cessna 172) to The Pheasant at Keyston for a
birthday lunch. The trusty gang of four comprised myself, Paul Tribble,
Lizzie Geeves and Guy Simon.

Go to the fly in section on their website for details, you are required to
obtain PPR from the landowner (his number is on their site), landing
fee payable at the bar! - very simple to arrange and you can be assured
of a good welcome and excellent food. Please mention Henlow Flying Club
when booking.

The Pheasant at Keyston. Ph211

The Pheasant at Keyston. Ph311

The Pheasant at Keyston. Ph510

The Pheasant at Keyston. Ph610

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The Pheasant at Keyston. Empty Go on, give it a try

Post  timwise on 19/08/10, 06:40 am

After Helen's exploits, we took G-PACE there 4 up, and there's plenty of runway. If there's no wind, there's a slight upslope towards the north (like Henlows 02/20), so I'd suggest landing from the south and taking off to the south. Otherwise, that windsock is easy enough to spot. There's room to park well back by the windsock, or we pushed back against the hedge into the south-west corner. If you can't find the strip, follow the A14 west from Huntingdon as far as Molesworth, then it's about 2 miles W.

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