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Post  Webmaster on 26/06/10, 03:13 am

NATS in conjunction with AirBox have released an air space GPS tool.

Aware GPS from NATS  Aware10
The unit displays Std 1:50,000 maps with your location scrolling on the moving map. Very simple to cross reference to your paper map as it is exactly the same content, unlike a navigation GPS. Another really great feature of this system is that it always gives you an ATC position report 'location', 2NMSEBrizeNorton for example, see how it looks on the bottom of the emergency procedure reminder screen below.

Aware GPS from NATS  Aware210

Really handy when your asked for a position report. The great news is the unit only costs £149.99 and airspace updates are free for life.

For more info check out the NATS store at

The Aware was conceived by NATS and Airbox to help pilots avoid unknowingly flying into controlled airspace. Airspace busts are an increasing problem worldwide and normally result either from the pilot not knowing where the aircraft is or from a lack of knowledge about changes to airspace restrictions. For more information about airspace busts and the consequences, click here
The Aware aims to solve both of these problems by offering a very low cost moving map with a definitive, but free, airspace warning database updated in accordance with the AIRAC cycle.
The Aware is very simple to use and needs just a single page of instructions.

A solid hardware base underpins the Aware functionality
Substantial 4.3 inch sunlight readable screen
Backup battery in the unit lasts up to an hour. For users without cockpit power, a Power Monkey battery is available through the store, giving up to an extra four hours.
Durable metal case construction
Comes with useful accessories including 12/24v cigarette lighter type charger, wall charger, windsceen mount and cradle, manual
Dimensions: 12cm * 8cm * 1.5cm, weight 170g

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