G-BRUD wonderful BRUD.

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G-BRUD wonderful BRUD. Empty G-BRUD wonderful BRUD.

Post  simon goldsmith on 13/04/10, 03:08 pm

Laughing I was surprised to see G-MELS go so quick & she was a joy to fly, but BRUD going would have been a bigger shame for me, (I see her as a comfy pair of old slippers that you just can't throw away).
I believe she has a temporary reprieve until the club sort out a replacement. I don't know what plans the club has for a PA-28 at the moment but I do know that they have spent money on BRUD recently (mainly mechanical ). The P1 seat has also been repaired & put back in and I hear of plans to "TART" her up a bit which can only be good news. I suppose the way she looks may put people off flying her but she does fly well. Go on give her a go !!!!! you may enjoy it, she's a very much under-used aircraft.
Simon G.

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simon goldsmith
simon goldsmith

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G-BRUD wonderful BRUD. Empty I AGREE

Post  jez.w on 17/05/10, 09:07 am

Couln't agree more Simon, she flys very well. She does look scruffy which is not great when you bring friends flying. They tend to get worried when they see all the faded paintwork and wet front carpet which makes them think........ Is this safe??? Obviously it is but they dont know that. I have noticed the paint work seems better recently. Can we not spend some money on BRUD rather than getting another PA28? I didnt know that BRUD may be going?

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