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Post  chrisgeorge on 19/03/10, 03:08 am

When I started flying under the tutorship of Mr Noble, it was a rule that the fuel is _always_ switched off and the beacon is _always_ left on when shutting down the aircraft.

For a while now I've found fuel cocks left on and beacons off (the latter isn't a major point really!)

Could someone clarify what state they should be left in on shutting down?


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Fuel / Beacon Empty Re: Fuel / Beacon

Post  Paul Tribble on 22/03/10, 10:03 am

Hi Chris,

As part of the shutdown and post flight checks both the beacon and fuel cock should he turned off. However the post flight check assumes that the aircraft has finshed flying for the day/operational period and not just the sector in which case it would be normal to leave the aircraft semi-ready to fly and only requiring a "transit check" as oposed to a full "check A".

Leavng the beacon on is a Henlow operational practice to help mittigate against the master switch being left on post flight and draining the battery as it is visible by ops from the tower.

So basically always shutdown and secure the aircraft as per the checklist (ie fuel off) unless you know that the aircraft is flying again shortly.

Paul :-)
Paul Tribble
Paul Tribble

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