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Post  Rob Bryan on 17/03/10, 02:38 am

Hi Guys,

Tremendous effort re the site. Obviously we have professional input this time and this is a vast improvement, or perhaps better described as a modernisation, on what went on before. Well done.

Whilst forums may stimulate some discussion, from a very practical view I would say that from flying perspective the priority of information should be;

1) Vital news and weather - the most important NOTAM's with immediate impact (yes the webmaster would not excuse the pilot personally checking these before flight), however from the student perspective a simple weather status could help with cancellations and communication re changes and late plane availability.

2) Fleet availability

3) Instructor availability

4) Perhaps the best discussion, is who is flying somewhere with an empty seat or two?

5) Club events etc

6) Pilot recommendations from GA friendly sites

7) Space for an inspiring flight, photos and even an 'I learnt something from that' (potentially with an anonymous posting!!). Really good to hear stories, I have had many a conversation in the club house re getting bored, done all the local things, costing too much and there are other things to spend the money on. Yeap - all been there, but we get back in the air again because we love it. Lets be supportive to each other as we move through 100, 200, 300 hours, or rating etc.

Forgive me - I have not been involved in the site development, these are just thoughts from a club member.

Let's not detract from a really super job. This really has wings!


Rob Bryan
Rob Bryan
Rob Bryan

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Post  Webmaster on 19/03/10, 10:46 am

Thanks for the input Rob, I think I have captured most of what you've asked for, please keep the feedback coming.

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